Helping women reconnect with their bodies through the healing benefits of yoga for
physical, mental, and spiritual growth

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About Caroline

Caroline Hailstone is a senior Yoga teacher with over 20 years experience in Hatha, Restorative, Flow, Pre-natal and Endocrine health

You can experience her regular drop-in classes in Mangawhai where all students
are made welcome.

Each class is perfectly balanced with an emphasis on well-structured asana, this combined with a focus on breath and easy to follow instruction leaves students feeling relaxed and revived.


On a recent trip back to the UK Caroline immersed herself in studies on the endocrine system through this she has developed Wise Woman Yoga a Yoga Workshop for menopause and hormone balance as well as teaching regular classes in Mangawhai.

She has developed a wonderful Yoga programme for all women and is excited to share her knowledge through Wise Woman Yoga workshops to help women better understand how to balance and connect with their hormonal system naturally.


Yoga helps to keep our body and soul together. Yoga Asana not only strengthens the muscular-skeletal system but it also naturally detoxifies our bodies.
Regular practice reduces aches and pains, improves posture and gives clarity of the mind and induces more restful sleep.
Drop-in classes are suitable for both men and women at all stages and ages of life.
Our classes are fully equipped, but feel free to bring your own mat.


This is our signature 2-hour and15-minute workshop.

Come along for an informative and enjoyable morning at The Yoga Barn where you will discover how to:


  • Reduce hot flushes and night sweats. 

  • Balance your mood, reduce anxiety and find better sleep.

  • Build and maintain healthy bone and muscle mass.

  • Understand how hormones affect your life.

  • Keep a healthy libido and avoid weight gain.


All workshops are fully equipped, feel free to bring your own mat. If you would like to attend please email us. Workshops are available through demand.




Enquire about workshops and drop-in classes

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Words From Your Teacher

"My passion and dedication to the art and science of Yoga have led me on a wonderful journey of learning.

As a teacher it is my goal to help students discover their own practice pathways through the foundation of well-structured asana with the help of props for support and alignment this combined with a strong focus on breath connection is, I believe a solid foundation to overall health and wellbeing.

I look forward to sharing my teaching experience today, tomorrow and for many years to come."

Caroline Hailstone

Caroline is also a Master Facialist and works from her private clinic.

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Laura Rusbridge

I am so lucky I found Caroline, after years of many failed attempts to start yoga because of several health issues I had given up!
After spending time with me and learning my needs and requirements Caroline researched endlessly and created a plan that would help me in my day to day mobility
Taken very slowly with much care and consideration I have found yoga working for me finally!
I can not recommend Caroline and her expertise enough  


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Sophie Snow

I have had the pleasure of working 1:1 with Caroline for the last couple of months. Although I had done some yoga in the past, Caroline has really opened my eyes to what yoga is about and how it will become part of my life from now on. In this sense, she is very much an educator as well as an instructor. She is highly skilled in her approach and her depth of knowledge with regard to women’s health and the benefit of yoga is remarkable. We have been working on a programme which I will use in my own practice which is tailored to my specific needs. Caroline has great attention to detail in terms of the postures which is giving me an excellent foundation going forward. I should also add that she is really good fun to work with a great sense of humour. I shall miss her a lot when she Leaves the UK and can’t recommend Wise Woman Yoga Highly enough.


Sheryn Murphy

I know Caroline well and have experienced her yoga classes on many occasions. I completed a two-hour workshop yesterday educating us on better understanding menopause and our hormonal well being. Caroline is very knowledgeable and hands-on in helping us understand our bodies better.

Would highly recommend her workshops.